How to get the most from Adwords?

There are some simple guidelines for using adwords.

You could of course hire somebody to manage your adwords campaign for you, or you could use the following advice along with some trial and error fine tuning.

Choose your keywords carefully

I made a mistake when I first discovered adwords.  I used the names of every competitor I could think of as keywords.  The logic was sound… anybody looking for a well known competitor would also see my name and have the option of clicking on it and getting straight through to my site.

It worked for two days.  Then it fell foul of Googles quality guidelines (see Ad content below).

When choosing your keywords pay attention to the following:-

  1. The search popularity – how many people search for that term (this is your footfall in shop terms).
  2. Keyword competition – The higher the competition the higher the price per click.  It is an auction situation.
  3. Other similar keywords.  Sometimes a slightly less obvious keyword can give you a better Return on Investmient (ROI).
  4. Keyword suggestion tool.  Put in what you think you should appear for and let google do the rest of the work for you.  Just tick any keywords you want to include!
  5. Google Trends.  Google trends is great for analysing actual web trafic.  Usefully you can compare keywords by typing in several comma separated keywords.  This is great for showing keyword search popularity for two similar terms like “butchers” and “butchery”.  Google Trends also shows you results by region so that you can target the keywords that are most relevant to your own country.

Ad Content.

It is really very simple.  Your ad content must relate well to the page content you are linking to.  Your chosen keywords for the ad must also be relevant.  The more relevant everything is the less your starting price per click is.  You could have a keyword with low competition (which would signify a low cost per click) but if the quality of the relationship between keywords, ad content and the landing (target) page on your site is bad then that drives up the price.

If you own a Butchers, then an advert that says “My butchers, Finest meats in Ireland, Order online. Nationwide deliveries,” should point to a page that contains all of those phrases, preferably more than once.  Your keywords must also suit the ad.  Having a keyword of “Shopping” will not fit and will cost you more.

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