Regular blogging for SEO

I’ve neglected my blogging for a little while.  This was for two reasons.  The first one was that I have finally got started on my website (  SEO training is the blog for that site really, since it is all about SEO.  I still have a heap of work to do on it, but at least it has started.

The second reason I have not been doing my regular blogging on this particular blog was to see exactly what effect not blogging has on a blog.  This site was consistently at position 1 or two for “SEO training”.  That was not surprising given the domain name, the content and the fact that it is not targeting a very competitive keyword.

It is not so very long from my last post but the site has fallen a fair bit.  Is that down to my neglecting my blogging, or to other sites increasing their SEO efforts for that search term?

How do you go about finding out?  Well I could analyse competing sites that have jumped above me, or I could just start blogging regularly again.

I already know that a blog has to be maintained to be effective, and to keep it’s position from past experience.  It is just like any site.  Information has to be kept fresh.  This is particularly true when it comes to blogging though.  It is not enough to change a page every month or so.  Blog posts (in general) have a shelf life.  Once they cease to be current, excluding the case where the information is still more relevant than anything else out there, then they start to fall down the ranks.

It will be interesting to see if this single blog post will have any SEO effects at all.  Will it stem the fall, slow the fall, or start a re-climb in the serps?  Time will tell.  I intend to return to regular blogging on SEO anyway!

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