Social Media Training

Social Media Training, No sweat required!

Social Media Training, No sweat required!

Social Media Training?  What do I need that for?  That’s Twitter and other nonsense isn’t it?

If you are in business then you need to learn, and learn before your competitors.  Let me put it in old world terms….

If you open up your newspaper and see your competitors adverts plastered all over the pages, with no reference to your own business you would not be happy.  If you see a competitors advertisement on the television, and you are not advertising on it yourself, you would equally be a little worried.  Then you wake up in the morning and on the way to work notice that the $!@%’s have advertised on billboards too.  Who is going to take more revenue, you or your painful, advertising competitor?

The online world is no different when it comes to exposure equaling success.  Here we have a medium that is in just about every home and workplace in the developed world.  The potential for increasing your exposure is giganenormous!  The competition is, however, fierce.

Ok, so there is a lot of competition, are there any upsides?  Absolutely.  What was your budget for PR and advertising this year?  What if you could reach the same number (or many more people) and all it would cost you is a bit of time, and maybe some outlay on bringing in somebody to train you (which just saves you time and points you in the right direction).

Not convinced of the need?  Lets take a look at what is happening in recruitment right now.  I have chosen recruitment because I happen to be in the thick of it, and recruitment is at the cutting edge of online developments.  First we saw a reduced spend in traditional media like newspapers.  Before the internet took off newspapers are where everybody looked for jobs.  Then came the big job boards.  They made a lot of money, charging for every job posted on them.  Now there is a not so subtle shift occurring once again.   Recruitment Agencies are beginning to use social media and it is being so successful for them that they can afford to drop some of the expensive job boards.  They are saving money and finding the results fantastic.  Obviously this is not true of all of them.  This is where Social Media Training comes in.  You can waste lots of time on social media if you don’t know what you are doing.

So what should you be doing?  In Ireland there are three main sites to focus on.  They are Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

In following posts I will explain how they interact with each other, and how to harness them to help your bottom line.

In the mean time, if you want quick guidance and training on SEO and Social Media, drop a comment on this post. Do not forget to leave your email address and a telephone number! (No numbers will be published online)

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