SEO is too technical

SEO is not too technical.  Sometimes just because things are presented in a different way they seem more complex than they really are

SEO is not too technical. Sometimes just because things are presented in a different way they seem more complex than they really are

Search Engine Optimisation is quite technical.  After all, it all boils down to mathematics.  Search engines have their equations for working out what page is most important on any given subject.

This site is about SEO training, so therefore it is more important for that term than other sites that do not concentrate on this one topic alone.  There is also surprisingly little competition for training.  SEO in general has plenty of competing pages.

Those are just two factors though.  There are over 200 ranking factors that Google take into consideration when ranking a web page.  To make matters more complicated, nobody has the actual equations (algorithms).

So not only is SEO technical, it is blindfolded too!  Makes you want to throw your hands up in despair doesn’t it.  It’s not really that bad though. Particularly here in Ireland.  Because of our smaller population SEO in Ireland is that much easier because there is just less competition.  That said though, it is getting harder all the time, as Irish companies become more and more aware of the power of the internet.

Many people, when faced with terms like keyword density, link building, page loading speed, and domaining, just shut off.  I’m not an electrician.  When I hear people talking about amps, kilowatts and maximum loads I switch off a bit too.  It is a natural human reaction to avoid conversations that sound technical in an area we have no experience with.  I can change a plug though.  I can put in a new lightbulb.  I have learned the skills that I need to have my house functioning.

In the same way you can learn to have a functioning website that actually shows up in search results without having to have an in depth knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes.  It does not have to get too technical. You can learn to do the basics yourself, and call in a SEO consultant like me for the rest.

SEO consultants like myself can analyze your current website, and then either train you and your staff to do what is necessary to improve its performance, or do the work for you.  Sometimes a bit of a mixture is the ideal solution.

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Ian is one of Irelands leading SEO consultants with over 8 years experience in the Irish market. Ian discovered his love of all things internet related in 2005 and has been living nearly exclusively online since then, causing much worry to friends and family, but getting great results for clients. Contact Ian: Phone: 01 6854806 Mobile: 086 3817149