Soft 404’s in WordPress Twenty Fifteen

pillow 404

Sound’s nicer than a plain old 404 but it can cause problems

In WordPress Twenty fifteen soft 404’s occur when nothing is found as the result of a search in the internal search bar. This is different to what happens if you have a typo in a URL which returns the actual 404 (not found) page as it should.

What is a “Soft 404″?

A soft 404 is what happens when a page should be an actual 404 but instead the header gives a 200 (ok) response. This shows up in your Webmaster Tools under “Crawl -> Crawl Errors”.

How do I fix it in Twenty Fifteen (or a child theme)?

It’s actually very simple. In the file content-none.php in your theme folder you will find on line 24 the following code:


Simply add in the code:


 after the if statement as shown below:


That’s it. You’re done.

Extra tip.

If you are using Yoast’s SEO plugin then all your search result pages are no-indexed by default. This is a really good thing for your sites optimisation.

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