Starting an SEO campaign

When starting out on an SEO campaign where do you actually begin? How do you organise and prioritise? What is more important: social media, link building, content? These questions are valid for everybody. They are particularly relevant if you have been charged with your company’s online marketing and are not 100% sure exactly what to Read More

Online Dating in Ireland – or How to Reach Customers Online.

Online Dating is becoming ever more popular in Ireland.  There are absolute parallels between those seeking partners online and those who are potential customers for your business. They are all looking for something that attracts them.  Think of an online dating site as a shop.  Some of the products have pictures (and according to Jill Read More

Using Pictures

To date none of the posts  on this blog have contained pictures.  Why?  Frankly there is not good reason for it whatsoever.  In fact it is really inexcusable, lazy, and nearly guarantees that I do not get anybody reading much, if any of what I write. Pictures speak a thousand words as the saying goes.  Read More